Chemo Bye Week

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Quick Update:

No Chemo this week due to low platelets.  If all goes well Chemo is set to resume this Thursday.

We love Gilda!

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Radner, that is.  


Mom/Kathy wanted to read her book, "It's Always Something", so they ordered a copy from an Amazon third-party vendor.  And it went to their old address & vanished.
Then they ordered a second copy through Amazon Prime, which arrived in two an address in East Cleveland!! Happilly, that one got sorted out and redelivered correctly the next day.
So, either Gilda wanted a tour of the eastern suburbs & cities, or there were some people on those routes who needed to know about her book.  At least she reached the Chalet eventually!
Mom/Kathy says that so far in her reading, she and Gilda are kindred spirits - there are so many similarities in their lives.  Not least was that both were gallivanting through Europe as single young ladies in 1967!
Mom/Kathy's Top 5  Favorite Things about Gilda 

5. Favorite cast member on Saturday Night Live

4. She was the first person that came to mind when mom/Kathy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

3. She battled cancer with humor and positivity

2. Her final question before resuming cancer treatment after relapse was "Do you validate for parking?" (No joke, it's in the book!!!)

1. She wrote the following mantra/song upon finishing her initial cycles of chemotherapy:

"I am well.
I am wonderful.
I am cancer-free.
No little cancer cell is hiding in me.
But if some little cancer cell is sneakily holding on,
I'll bash and beat its f%#&ing head and smash it till it's gone."

Other than finding joy and camaraderie with Gilda, there's nothing new to report this week.  Mom/Kathy is happy to report she's NOT experiencing any of the common known side effects of chemo (numbeness, tingling, vomiting...).  The final cycle of chemo is set to begin this Thursday.  In the meantime , Mom/Kathy has the first 5 seasons of Saturady Night Live to keep her entertained.  


Easter tacos!

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Another week, another fun round of chemo meds!  Kelly was Mom/Kathy's nurse again, but the falcon didn't visit.  She tried something new again at Au Bon Pain - cream cheese croissant this week.  Yummy, but LOTS of flakes everywhere!  Still free parking, though, so all is good...

Next - Easter weekend, aka an excuse for the family to get together for the afternoon (not that we NEED an excuse...).  On the Shamrock Chalet lunch menu: homemade mac & cheese, and taco bar which included veggies, crumbled sausage, taco-seasoned quinoa, and a spicy lentil filling.  Plus homemade bread, and then carrot cake (from Cookie & a Cupcake) and quinoa pudding for dessert.  Yum!  Don't you ALL wish you could get a reservation at the Chalet??  


Given how much daytime napping she's been doing, Mom/Kathy had picked up a couple inexpensive sleep masks to try out.  Then her big sister Susan found some lovely, glamorous, much more comfy ones for her!


So, for Easter, we decided a photoshoot was called for in order to show off the designs:


Can you tell who's who?


Next appointment will be the end of cycle 2 of 3 for the chemo - more than halfway there!

Free silk???

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Started cycle two of chemo today!  Which included:

A very comfy chair, ideal for napping.

A brief falcon sighting, rushing off with dinner in beak.

A new nurse - Kelly:



A discussion about wearing wool, leading to the quote of the day:  "I was hung as a witch in a previous life, that's why I don't like clothes tight around my neck."  -Kathleen Ann Reese, 4/10/14

An art therapist - Lisa - stopping by for jewelry making:



Lots of beeping from the infusion machine - apparently it wanted more attention.

A stroll in the lovely weather over to Au Bon Pain for lunch (naturally!), trying something new today - a cinnamon roll! 

Next to the art therapy studio for some silk painting:

And, finally, a visit to the wig/hat/scarf store for a lovely, new, massively-discounted-(FREE)-for-cancer-patients head scarf!

And yes, parking is back to being free!

Margaret must have called in a favor!

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Positive news today!  We've been waiting for PET scan results after Dr. Rose had concern that the ovary was not the primary cancer site.  Results are in and the original diagnosis was correct.  Mom/Kathy was so excited she bought herself flowers! Chemo will resume Thursday with cycle 2 of 3. 

The bad news, parking was NOT free today :-(

Save The Date:  Angela, Dad/Jack & Karla plan on participating in the 11th Annual OutRun Ovarain Cancer 5K Run/Walk and 1 mile Family Fun Run on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.   We would love for friends and family to join us!  More info to come!

It’s always something… -Gilda Radner

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First the down side: Fourth chemo day…but not really. The pesky PAX8 marker is still eluding the bloodwork, so Dr. Rose has put things on hold pending a PET scan. Without those results, he is not convinced the ovary is the primary site, and therefore cannot plan the chemo precisely enough. Once those results are back in and we have more information, more chemo will be scheduled.


On the plus side, Bald is Beautiful!!

After losing several clumps here and there, Mom/Kathy decided it was time to take the plunge and go all the way! Karla got the privilege of shaving her, and Mom/Kathy is seriously rocking the bald profile look! This also led to spending several hours of intense research on scarf-tying techniques, choosing just the right style. Big sister Susan helped get her ready for a family party with a fancy scarf, and in the midst of the arrangements:

“Oh, Susan, you’re messing up my hair now!” - Kathleen Ann Reese, 3/28/14



However, the scarf didn’t last long at said party, as Mom/Kathy realized that she and her son-in-law now match and insisted on a photo.



However, this just gave her an excuse to show off one of her new cute hats!


Earlier, there was also an impromptu family outing to Johnny Mango’s restaurant, with a few of the relatives in the neighborhood, to celebrate her big sister’s visit.




For now, we’re waiting for next week’s testing & results, so the doctor can decide on the next step. And parking is still free!

Back online!

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Sorry about the weekend errors (for those of you trying to visit the site) - the webhost server was being upgraded, and it took down the databases.



On the plus side, everything should be working fine now...and there was a new post on Saturday, so come read! 


- Elfrhys

One cycle done, two to go!

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Mom/Kathy finished her first cycle (three visits) of chemo on Thursday. We are happy to report she still hasn’t experienced any chemo side effects and the ascites (see definition below) seems to be subsiding. Pictured below is her first chemo nurse, Sue. Sue was born and raised in Maple Heights, Ohio.  Mom/Kathy says she has cute, puppy dog eyes and is very nice. She was only Mom/Kathy’s nurse during the first chemo session, but there were complaints about the comfort of the room so they switched her to a new room. With the new room came a new nurse, Kristin.
We are happy to report parking is still free!!!

They also provide free juice and snacks during chemo. Mom/Kathy firmly believes that free parking/snacks/juice entitles her to weekly trips to Au Ban Pain!  Mom/Kathy gets a Cheese Danish and Mocha Latte as her post-chemo treat.  Dad/Jack is a little more versatile in his choices since variety is the spice of life…”unless they have Cheese Danish” – Kathleen Ann Liderbach (3/22/2014)

New menu additions for the week are referred to as “Good Calories” AKA White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.  Additional thanks to Jimmy Fallon for keeping Mom/Kathy's spirits high!


Medical note for the week: since multiple (not naming names) siblings have developed problems relating to the BRCA genes, we STRONGLY recommend alerting your doctor to this fact ASAP if you are part of this family!  The BRCA genes have been linked to ovarian, breast AND prostate cancers.  If you haven't already, please please PLEASE contact your doctor and have them take steps to monitor for any problems.  Here's a link for more information from the National Cancer Institute:


Happy Spring!!!

Little Miss Shamrock & Elfrhys



**Ascites: the build up of fluid in the space between the lining of the abdomen and abdominal organs (the peritoneal cavity).

Hopefully the end of the email problems!

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Thanks!  And sorry for all the hassle...

- Angela

And the night winds down...

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