And the night winds down...

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Comment from: susanl [Member] Email
susanlDear Kathy,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
I love seeing the pictures of you and your family, esp you sporting your Irish green! I was happy to hear this past weeks treatment was shorter, you had A Room With A View, and best of all there have been no side effects.
You have so much love surrounding you and that is such a good thing! I continue to think of you each day and wish you well.
Love and hugs,
Susan L.
03/17/14 @ 12:53
Comment from: johnlv [Member] Email
Very nice picture. Lots of love there.
03/17/14 @ 18:20
Comment from: beth [Member] Email
bethHi Kathy! Thinking about you on this beautiful St. Patrick's Day. I hope all is going well for you. We are looking forward to Spring coming. I can't wait to get to cut grass. again.

Love and hugs,
03/17/14 @ 18:31