One cycle done, two to go!

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Mom/Kathy finished her first cycle (three visits) of chemo on Thursday. We are happy to report she still hasn’t experienced any chemo side effects and the ascites (see definition below) seems to be subsiding. Pictured below is her first chemo nurse, Sue. Sue was born and raised in Maple Heights, Ohio.  Mom/Kathy says she has cute, puppy dog eyes and is very nice. She was only Mom/Kathy’s nurse during the first chemo session, but there were complaints about the comfort of the room so they switched her to a new room. With the new room came a new nurse, Kristin.
We are happy to report parking is still free!!!

They also provide free juice and snacks during chemo. Mom/Kathy firmly believes that free parking/snacks/juice entitles her to weekly trips to Au Ban Pain!  Mom/Kathy gets a Cheese Danish and Mocha Latte as her post-chemo treat.  Dad/Jack is a little more versatile in his choices since variety is the spice of life…”unless they have Cheese Danish” – Kathleen Ann Liderbach (3/22/2014)

New menu additions for the week are referred to as “Good Calories” AKA White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.  Additional thanks to Jimmy Fallon for keeping Mom/Kathy's spirits high!


Medical note for the week: since multiple (not naming names) siblings have developed problems relating to the BRCA genes, we STRONGLY recommend alerting your doctor to this fact ASAP if you are part of this family!  The BRCA genes have been linked to ovarian, breast AND prostate cancers.  If you haven't already, please please PLEASE contact your doctor and have them take steps to monitor for any problems.  Here's a link for more information from the National Cancer Institute:


Happy Spring!!!

Little Miss Shamrock & Elfrhys



**Ascites: the build up of fluid in the space between the lining of the abdomen and abdominal organs (the peritoneal cavity).


Comment from: susanl [Member] Email
susanlDear Kathy,
So happy to hear you are still free of any side effects and are enjoying your weekly latte and Cheese Danish:-) I love to see the picture of you looking over that yummy treat case:-) Nothing like a goodie to satisfy us, right? Also love the comic strip with the all important validated free parking:-)
I'm hoping to see similar posts for cycle two. Thinking of you and sending out a big hug,
03/25/14 @ 14:40
Comment from: sarawili [Member] Email
sarawiliLove that Au Bon Pain pic! :D
03/25/14 @ 22:15