Long-awaited update!

by ShamrockGirl Email

(long hiatus in posts due to exhausting schedule on the part of the bloggers - sorry for the wait!)

Mom/Kathy and Dad/Jack met Susan & Nicholas for brunch a few weeks ago at Merwin's Wharf, in the Metroparks along the riverfront.  They had a great time chatting, watching the traffic on the river, and enjoying great food.



Mom/Kathy has only two more chemo visits to go!  Woo-hoo!  As long as platelet levels stay high, she'll be finished on September 23rd!  Party time!!!


Genetic testing is in process - long wait for results, but then we'll know what the kids should be screened for.  (Not so) fun note - apparently melanoma is ALSO linked to the BRCA genes!


Mom found out this week that she's old - she has arthritis in her hip!  (Side note - so do both her absolutely-not-old daughters...)  On the plus side, now that it's been diagnosed and she can take something for it, she's walking better than she has in months.  Hurrah!


Stay smiling!



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