Ready for release!!

by ShamrockGirl Email

Not much new to report for today, other than Mom/Kathy is more than ready to go home!  (For one thing, she thinks the food is MUCH better when Dad/Jack is cooking.)  She's progressing well, and may get sent home ahead of schedule - everyone think happy thoughts!

As we were leaving the hospital, we spotted a lovely rainbow over one of the CCF buildings, though I couldn't get a good picture of it.  We'll take it as a good sign, though!

- Angela/Elfrhys

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Comment from: susanl [Member] Email
susanlI hope you are able to go home very soon Kathy. The best place to continue your recovery is in the comfort and warmth of your own home. I know Jack is a wonderful chef and caregiver and I know he will continue to spoil it should be:-) I do hope you are released real soon Kathy!
06/05/14 @ 12:10