Mama's First Chemo

by ShamrockGirl Email

One down, eight to go!  The worst part - anticipation - is over.  It was a three hour tour, she was only there from 11-2.  She was terrified going in, pleased on the way out.  They gave her benadryl to decrease nausea and help her relax.  Basically, she went in expecting discomfort & pain, and instead spent the day relaxing and getting good drugs that will kick the cancer's butt and shove it out the door!  While she relaxed in her private chemo suite, Dad/Jack sat in attendance at her side doting on her every need.  She's already making plans for what to pack in her chemo bag next week (since the chemo chair is not perfectly comfortable).  She's still incredibly excited about the free parking.


Meanwhile, back at the Shamrock Chalet Bed and Breakfast, Mom/Kathy is resting comfortably and Dad/Jack is happily creating new menu items to tempt her appetite. The newest addition to the menu is the Egg McJack, a delicious egg sandwich with spinach, red pepper, asparagus, cheese and Jack's Secret Spice Mix (recipe available upon request...for a nominal fee, chemo is expensive :) )



Things are progressing, stay tuned for more news!

Until next time,

Little Miss Shamrock & Elfrhys


Comment from: nutmeg [Member] Email
nutmegI love you guys!
03/09/14 @ 00:18
Comment from: susanl [Member] Email
susanlSo glad it was not as bad as you expected Kathy. Now you know the ropes. Love how Jack is spoiling his gal and playing private chef too. You look pretty comfy on your sofa and since Jack is right there I'd be asking for foot rubs too:-) Thinking of you Kathy.
03/09/14 @ 00:22
Comment from: sarawili [Member] Email
sarawiliThe Egg McJack -- love it! Thinking of all of you, all the time.

We love you, Kathy!

- Your Delaware cheering squad
03/13/14 @ 23:29
Comment from: nutmeg [Member] Email
nutmegHi aunt Kathy! Thinking about you today! Love you!
03/14/14 @ 00:32
Comment from: johnlv [Member] Email
I'm so glad you have each other (Kathy & Jack) as you move through this time in your lives - so much better than being alone. Once you're up to it, remember Southern California is a pretty nice place for rest and recuperation. :-). I love you and wish I could be there with you.
03/16/14 @ 14:52