Back home again!

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Mom/Kathy is home from the hospital and doing great!  Hurrah!

There were a few issues delaying her departure - such as:

  • the nurses liked her too much to let her leave;
  • her room was so huge that she kept getting extra visitors who thought it was a lounge area; and
  • she wasn't allowed to go home till she had farted.

All true!

This led to an entertaining series of messages between the rest of us, reproduced here for your entertainment:

First, some of the inspirational mantras for FartWatch 2014:

Beans, beans, the freedom fruit.
The more you eat, the sooner you toot.
The sooner you toot, the sooner you scoot!

Give a hoot; give a toot.

Could you,
would you,
fart on a boat?
Fart with a goat?

Could you,
would you,
fart in a crowd?
Fart out loud?

Fart out loud in a crowd?


Then, when she was released today, we had this series:

Dad/Jack: She needs to be on a brat diet.

Angela: Wait, she only gets to eat brats??

Dad: Yes, a bland soft diet with pictures of brats to look at.

Greg: Here's one:


Angela: Here's a better one!:

Karla: We have the most fartabulous family!
Dad: Okay, she is home and on the porch with Madi.
Angela: Dave says he has farted in celebration of the news.


And the photo of the week:


We have also all farted in celebration of Mom/Kathy's homecoming - feel free to do the same!

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Comment from: sarawili [Member] Email
sarawiliWoopwoop! Bet it feels good to be home.
P.S. Justin says he's been celebrating all day.
06/07/14 @ 00:10