X-Files Debate

(tune: Masters of this Hall)

Welcome to the X-Files, cases no one else can solve
Aliens and psychics, the unexplained and odd

Scully, don't you trust me? It's obviously alien
Accept that there are things that science cannot comprehend.
Mulder, I believe in science and in solid fact.
Science holds the truth for us if we know what to ask.

I can solve these murders, going back a hundred years
They all were done by one man, he hibernates between

Scully, this is proven! The fingerprints match perfectly.
He squeezes in through tiny ducts to sneak up on his prey.
Mulder, you can't prove that these people all were killed by Tooms.
You still need solid evidence to put this man away.

Here in this small-town high school, a murder and a suicide
The teachers act so strangely, the kids are all so scared.

Scully, this is witchcraft! They've called up something from the depths.
These frogs are falling from the sky, a sure sign of occult.
Mulder there is no proof of causes supernatural
The suspects have all killed themselves or disappeared for good.

Now we're hunting Big Blue, a creature of the lake and woods.
Supposedly it's gentle, but people now are scared.

Scully, there is proof now! It must exist here in this lake!
It's forced to change its hunting ground because the lake has changed.
Mulder, there's no reason to think this Big Blue does exist.
The monster is the alligator that attacked you here.

Mulder, what has happened? I don't remember coming here.
I met up with Cassandra, and now she's disappeared.

Mulder, I admit it; the aliens are really here.
I saw their spacecraft on the bridge; I can't deny the truth.
Scully, don't you see that it's all been one conspiracy,
It's always been a human plot, there are no aliens.