The Andromedan War Anthem

(tune: "Memory")

We will come to attack you!
We are coming to conquer!
You shall all be destroyed!
We have come from our galaxy
To blow you away
You call us Andromedans
You all shall die

Your appearance disgusts us!
Such a primitive life form
You do not deserve life
We are force to appear like you
Because of our plan
This disguise nauseates us
But we've not long to go

We have watched you roam through space
Exploring worlds and systems
Claiming planets, to colonize them
And closing in upon us!

You're infesting the starways!
You are getting above yourselves
It's time you were cut down
Your expansion is getting in the way of our race
You are a nuisance
You all must die

We have made our way through space
To infiltrate this station
To take control, and to destroy your minefield
Our war fleet is approaching!

We are here to destroy you!
We have come to eradicate
All your kind from our space
We don't want neighbors who look like you do
Come, surrender!
You cannot hope to win!