Rassilon was a Time Lord

(Tune: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")

The Doctor, Romana and Drax you know well,
The Master, Borusa, the Rani as well;
But do you recall
The most famous Time Lord of all?

Rassilon was a Time Lord
Discovered immortality
He laid traps for other Time Lords
So he'd have some company

Borusa, he was aspiring
To rule for all eternity
He knew he'd never find the secret
For Rassilon was smarter than he

So he found the old Time Scoop
Grabbed the Doctors up
He made them do the dirty work;
Borusa really was a jerk

Borusa, he wanted power
The Doctors gave it to him free
For they knew what Borusa didn't
Nothing's duller than eternity