The Pelican's Lament

(tune: "Cain't Say No")

It's not so much a question of not having things to do,
I've projects of my own to last for years.
You hear of all the problems caused by too few hands to help;
Of all the jobs that no one wants to get.
I know I really don't have time to spare,
But when someone is needed, I'll be there!

I'm just a girl who can't say no,
Can't just stand back and observe.
I always say "I'll help you out."
It's so satisfying to serve.

When a person asks for volunteers
For cleaning, washing, moving, be what may,
Then my arm goes up of its own accord
And any free time now has gone away!

I'm just a girl who can't say no,
I can't leave something undone.
Some folks may say I should run,
But I can't help having fun!
I can't say no!

What you gonna do when the kitchen needs choppers,
or needs a dishwasher, what you gonna do?
Supposing someone needs to set up all the tables,
or clear away the tables, what you gonna do?
Supposing that the job needs someone like you,
and there's nobody else around?
What you gonna do when they need you so?
Spit in their eye?

I'm just a girl who can't say no,
Can't seem to say it at all.
I volunteer to go, go, go,
The instant they put out the call.

For a while I tried to stop myself,
To see how a relaxing day would be.
But as soon as somone asks for help,
My hands and mouth will never wait for me!

I can't resist a job in need,
It always gives me a thrill,
If it's a job I can fill,
'specially when no one else will!
I can't say no!