(tune: "Lola")

I met him on a planet known as Aristo
Where old Ensor died
And we took him home to Liberator
I pushed in his key, and he whirred into life
We asked him his name and with a sound of contempt he said
Orac O-R-A-C!
O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
Well, I may be the world's most technical guy,
But when he started to speak, I thought: "I'll have him, or die!"
Oh, my Orac. O-O-O-O-Orac
Now, I'm not dumb, but I can't understand
How he looks like a box but thinks like a man
Oh, my Orac. O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
Well, I turned him on when we were in my room;
Grabbed up a laser probe complete with a zoom;
Picked up a delicate, diamond-tipped pick
And said: "Now, then, I'll see what makes you tick!"
Well, I know I'm the world's most technical man
But though I poked all night I still can't understand that
Orac, O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
Orac, O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
I yanked out the key
I stomped to the door
"I won't try anymore!"
Then I looked back at him
When I put in the key, he started speaking to me:
"Now, this is the way that it's going to be;
No more poking around in me!"
Said my Orac. O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
Now, men are computers and computers are men
I'm as mixed-up, puzzled, and confused as Zen
But for Orac. O-O-O-O-Orac
Now, we escaped just a year ago,
There was never a computer that I didn't know
Orac came and simply puzzled me;
It seems that's the way that it will always be
I'll soon be the universe's wealthiest guy;
Nothing can stop me, now he's on my side;
I've got Orac
O-O-O-O-Orac (2x)
O-O-O-O-Orac (2x) (repeat last two lines continuously)