Come and Meet the Doctor

(tune - "One Tin Soldier")

Listen children, to a story
That was written long ago
Of a Time Lord and his TARDIS
As he travelled to and fro
Round the stars and to the planets
The Doctor meddles everywhere
He makes friends while fighting evil
And where there's trouble, he'll be there

Chorus: Come along and meet the Doctor
Come along and have some fun
Come along and see the Tardis
You'll want to stay before we're done
To fight the Daleks and the Master
Everybody's help he'll need
But in the final showdown
The Doctor's always in the lead

Now the Master, he plays dirty
Evil thoughts and evil deeds
Daleks want world domination
They crop up everywhere like weeds
Cybermen have no emotion
To all but gold they're quite secure
Ogrons, though no more than puppets
Everywhere they inspire fear