It's a Long Way to Gauda Prime

(tune: It's a Long Way to Tipperary)

It's a long way to Gauda Prime, yeah
It's a long way, I know
It's a long way to Gauda Prime, yeah
That's where Blake wants me to go
Goodbye, new Alliance
Farewell, Xenon base
It's a long, long way to Gauda Prime
But I've got no choice

Dayna's lost her folks; her dad was killed by Servalan
And Cally's own home planet was killed off by her plague
Tarrant's elder brother, too, fell victim to her plans
Now all of this has got to stop, so Blake, I'll come to you

Servalan is gone now; she goes by the name of Sleer
Pylene 50 is her plan to make the rebels fall
She fights dirty as before; her strength grows day by day
I've got to put a stop to her, and Blake, it's up to you

Vila took a shuttle ride to Malodaar with me
Egrorian, he sabotaged it, sending us to crash
Orac gave me one solution; one I nearly took
But sanity returned in time, and now I'm coming home