Intro to Pennsic

(tune: "Be Prepared")

Be prepared, that's the Cleftlands' marching song
Be prepared, off to war we march along
There are parties every evening, till sunrise
But don't drink anything whose name includes "surprise"
Be prepared for snow and rain and fog and sun
And it helps if you think that camping's fun!
Be prepared to do more shopping than you probably intend
For the items all are tempting, and the merchant is your friend
Just remember, you must get it all back home!
Be prepared!

Be prepared, as we go to take the field
Be prepared, with bow and foil and sword and shield
Fight for honor and we'll win the Pennsic War!
'Tis a shame the shopping war point is no more!
Be prepared for tales Pennsic days of yore
"This ain't rain - you should've been at Pennsic four!"
Security and Troll and others need your help each day
Just volunteer a little time, let everybody play
Don't let it overwhelm you, don't be scared
Be prepared!