Hiding Scared

(tune: Be Prepared)

Hiding scared - they will never understand
Hiding scared - I'm no coward; I'm a man
Hiding scared will always keep me safe from harm
When the Federation's troops raise the alarm
Hiding scared - Blake's just had another plan
It's no fun playing "catch me if you can"
Hiding scared has always worked for me; in this I'm not alone
Avon's got so many boltholes; one in each and every zone
Someday maybe he and I'll be on our own
Hiding scared

Running free - I've been tied down much too long
Running free - I've begun feeling I belong
Running free is how I want to live my life
Free of worry, care, concern; no stress or strife
Running free - I can stay with Blake no more
One day soon I shall have to close the door
Running free would be so easy - simply choose a place and go
Vila's sure to have suggestions; he will leave with me, I know
Just think what a team the two of us will be
Running free