To Fight With Honor

(tune: "One Tin Soldier")

Listen, gentles, to a story
A tale of honor, strength and pride
Of the valient Midrealm army
And one lone fighter, doomed to die.

The Eastern army marched to battle
The Midrealm king refused to yield
He summoned all his finest fighters
And led them all onto the field.

Swear that you will fight with honor,
Swear that you will fight with pride.
Swear that you will never falter
When odds are with the other side.
Never take the path that's easy,
When it's offered by your foe.
And when your battle's over,
With honor will your name be told.

The fight went on till all were wearied,
The East king called a new attack.
But their plan was soon revealed;
The Midrealm charged to push them back.

Now the fighting grew in earnest
With battles waged across the scene,
Till a single Midrealm fighter
Found only foes where friends had been.


Now the East Crown Prince stepped forward;
"You are surrounded, all alone.
Yield to me, lay down your weapon,
I'll trade you safely back to home."

Replied the fighter, "We of Cleftlands
Do not yield; we stand our ground.
And I'll warn you now, your Highness,
'Tis on you my next blow will pound!"

So the Crown Prince slew this fighter,
But not before on him she scored.
And so we sing of pride and courage;
Of holding true to vow and lord.