Feline Playtime

(tune: "Memory")

Not a sound from the humans
They are all sleeping soundly
Now it's my time to play
I shall climb the drapes, and slide down with only my claws
To let more light in
When it is day

Of when I was a kitten
When the sofa was brand new
Not a mark or a scratch
I have used it in writing out the tale of my life
Each stain a chapter
Time to add a new verse

Now it's time to find some food
And not that nasty dry stuff
There must be something that's fit for a hunter
Some meat or bird or... goldfish!

I'll curl up with the humans
I will sit on their faces
And I'll purr in their ears
Then it's time to go outside and sing to the moon
Just under their window, so they can hear

Now I'll play with all my toys
Especially all the loud ones
I'll kill the mouse, and leave it on their pillow
A sign of my affection

Time to wake up the humans!
They've been resting for hours
Time to entertain me
How they love it when I jump up and nibble their toes
Such is the start of
A perfect day.