A Dedication to the Fans

(tune: "To All the Girls I Loved Before")

To all the fans that went before
To shows from near and distant shores
You kept the dreams alive
You helped the shows survive
To all the fans who've gone before

To fans of shows from everywhere
With favorite views you love to share
The stories that you write
Help keep our futures bright
With dreams of someday being there

These far-off futures that we long for
Help us to focus on what's here
To reach the futures that we dream of
We learn to start the work this year

To all the fans who changed my life
To shows that taught me wrong from right
How did I get along?
I dedicate this song
To fans that helped to shape our lives

These shows; these characters we long to be
Our dreams of somehow being part
Of universes that live on in me
And in these stories that we write

To all the fans I've met and known
To all the shows that brought us close
I'm proud to call you friends
Our dreams will never end
To all the fans now and...
To come