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Before any medical updates there are two very important items that Kathy would like to be included. First, on Tuesday she needed to have blood drawn. We were sitting in the waiting area.

It was quite full. A woman arrived with two small children; one asked her mom, “Why are we here?” Mom said, “I need to have a test done.” The oldest of these two a girl, about 5 years old, immediately shouted, “Oh Boy, mommy’s getting a Princess test. A princess test!” This brought smiles to all present.

Second, Kathy wants everybody to know that during her chemo program she gets . . . wait for it . . . FREE PARKING! Now that is a big deal to Kathy.


We met with Dr. Rose on Tuesday. She has a large tumor mass on her right ovary. His review of the clinical data he had indicated that the probable stage of the cancer was Stage IV. The use of the word “probable” is because we are starting with chemotherapy. Evidently staging generally is a surgery thing.

Kathy starts chemotherapy tomorrow Friday March 7. She will do nine weeks (three cycles). At the conclusion of these treatments Dr Rose will review the progress. If all is as expected then she will be scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor. This will more than likely be followed by more chemotherapy.

For now, please send thoughts, good wishes, and positive vibes her way. Feel free to send emails through the “Contact” link on the blog. Do remember that the Shamrock Chalet is a “no-negativity” zone!

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susanlDear Kathy,
Love the story about the little girl and the mom's princess test:-) You certainly have heard your fair share of great quips from children during your time at St. Ann's. You just never know what they are going to say next!
I do know how much you are loving the idea of free parking! I'd say you deserve that freebie.
Just so you know, I plan to devote meditation time to you each day until you are through with all of your treatments/surgery.
Love you,
03/07/14 @ 15:25